Cinévin Wines & Movies Festival


Cinévin is an annual festival in some of the best wineries in South of France. The event takes place at the heart of the vines and consists of open-air cinema screenings and wine tastings.


Initially a private event held by a couple of wineries, the festival was victim of its own success and now counts over 30 estates and thousands of participants each year. To establish its authority and expand further, Cinévin Festival now needed a proper branding.


With the idea of annual themes in the boxes, we set out to create a memorable logo that would leave enough room for the relevant yearly visuals. The latter would be the main asset of the brand, able even to communicate alone, in one color or at reduced sizes the spirit of the festival.

cinévin festival branding
branding stationery cine vin festival
Poster Desig WIne Festival Cinevin
poster cinévin festival
CinéVin festival stationery
ding logotype CinéVin festival