De La Rocca Beekeepers | Seasonal honey


De La Rocca Beekeepers (Apiculteurs De La Rocca) is a company based in Fozzano, Corsica. They take pride in producing 100% natural honey, without any transformation.Harvests occur at different seasons over diverse flora, providing the De La Rocca Beekeepers with 3 distinctive kinds of honey.


Due to the very delicate and whimsical nature of the product and its manufacturers – the bees –  there is no way to accurately quantify production from a year to another, and the company cannot afford to order an excess of unused labeled jars. Moreso because of the 3 different types of honey sold.

The branding itself needs to reflect the honey’s 100% artisanal fabrication, without looking “cheap”.


We sought to create a One Label To Rule Them All packaging, with a new logotype and minimal inscriptions on the jar + removable tag, which :

• Enables the honey’s beautiful hues to shine through, and in turns helps differentiate types of honey.

• Allow the company to pre-order a vast amount of labeled jars, then print the relevant color-coded tags according to production.


Apiculteurs de La Rocca

Apiculteurs de la Rocca Branding illustrations