Mabel.London | Taxidermy Artist


London-based artist Mabel has incorporated taxidermy into her artwork since 2011. Having trained with professional Taxidermist George Jamieson and as a member of The UK Guild of Taxidermists, Mabel’s creations walk the line between an historically steeped art form and sharp contemporary expression. Occult barbie bling, if you like.



A peculiar personal branding exercise : as to blend the artist’s own eccentricity and the ancient art of Taxidermy. While main applications to be web-based, comes the need for a signature branding with a flexible and distinct style to be applied throughout all channels.


After stripping our subject to the core, we isolated/created strong individual elements that would all blend together harmoniously.

Kodex, a modern blackletter typeface paired with a Sans.

A signature monogram, original seal, drawing from dark inspirations paired with cheeky illustrations.

• A color palette limited to black, white and pink – Pink being the primary color.

 A sugarcoated cabinet de curiosité.

Mabel Edwards Logo Design
Web Design for Mabel London Taxidermy
Codex font
visit card taxidermy
Notebook embossed
Mabel London Edwards Brand Website Design
Mabel Edwards Taxidermy Branding