Mot-à-Mot | Literacy NGO


Mot-à-Mot is a non-profit NGO that focuses on issues induced by the partial control of language : exclusion (professional, social or economical) and dependency. Through various linguistic workshops, they restore dignity and autonomy to sufferers.


Their current identity didn’t help the NGO reaching their prime target – that we found noticebly wary of institutions – and any situations where their vulnerabilities could be exposed in general. Moreover, with participants originating from multiple backgrounds, cultures and languages, Mot-à-Mot faced serious comprehensibilty issues.



By focusing our research on the 3 biggest hurdles the NGO faced – approachability, accessibility and trust – we elaborated a welcoming and ludic atmosphere relying on universally understandable symbols.

Mot-à-Mot Foundation Branding
Mot-à-Mot Foundation Branding
Mot-à-Mot Identity