A show by Circolombia


Pacifico is Circolombia’s new contemporary Circus show. The story is set in buenaventura, a gritty industrial harbour hemmed on one side by the Pacific ocean’s heady rythms and dense rainforests and rich afro-colombian culture on the other. Raw, sexy, dangerous.


Circolombia invited us to work on Pacifico from the very early stages of production, believing that all creative parties (communication, artists, light technicians, costumes, etc.) should inspire each other. Hence, having no material or scenario of the end product, we had to come up with a comprehensive identity that could capture its spirit and face the technical challenges imposed when communicating for a world touring show.


Instead of designing a logo for the show, we developed a whole environment aimed towards the third party local designers in charge of communicating the show in foreign countries :

A custom font delivered in .TTF, easy to use and breaking down any language & compatibility barriers.

A ready-to-use pack of graphic elements for social media and print campaigns.

A style guide embodying Pacifico’s spirit, flexible enough for designers to adapt content to their demographic targets yet retaining an overall common identity, worldwide.

Pacifico Typography | Jules + Jo Creative Studio