Wild Paper Florist | Branding London artist Nikita.E’s latest venture


London-based Artist Nikita.E launched her new Paper flower business in early 2015.

Each flower is made by hand using the superior quality of European crepe paper then assembled into unique creations for private and corporate clients.


Niche but fierce market, the challenge was to elevate and lending credibility to her art by dissociating her activity from other arts and craft hobbyists & businesses.


We did so by concentrating on the artist’s personnality, and what defines her work :passion, attention to detail, minimalistic yet generous…

Thus, the branding collaterals cater to a high-class audience, with deep tones elevating her creations.

Wild Paper Florist Monogram Design
Logo Design Aventureros Perdidos
Wild Paper Florist Logo Pink
Wild Paper Florist Logo Blue
Monogram Assets and Logo Design
Wild Paper Florist Design Collateral - Tape